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-Год выпуска: 2016
Жанр: RPG, Rogue, Action
Разработчик: Crate Entertainment
Издатель: Crate Entertainment
Тип издания: Hotfix
Язык субтитров: ENG|RU
Язык озвучки: ENG
Требуемая версия: Grim Dawn [ENG|RUS] (2016) PC | [L] - RELOADED
Таблетка: Присутствует (BAT)-

Список изменений

v1.0.0.0 (b31 hotfix 2)
Improved duration damage critical hit display.
Fixed a bug where using the mouse wheel would cause skills to be repeatedly fired.
Fixed a bug where some in game dialogs were missing text.
Fixed a bug where freeze effects would change the texture on monsters after wearing off.
Fixed a bug where the create character button would not become active when using a controller.
Fixed a bug where the character would move when using skills with the stationary movement key pressed.
Points allocated to physique/cunning/spirit have been added to their respective tooltips.
Fixed an issue with Volley and Blazing Fury not triggering with a 2h Ranged weapon
Relic - Ancestor: Reduced % Crit damage for pets from the granted skill to 15%. This bonus was missed when % Crit damage bonuses were adjusted in B31.
Relic - Bysmiel's Domination: replaced Health Regen for pets with 10% Crit damage for pets. Frenzied Devotion now also grants Chaos damage for the player and pets.
Auto-Sort now sorts by item type first, then alphabetically
Legendary - Touch of the Everliving Grove: added 220 Health and 14% Elemental resist
Increased Resist bonuses on the base stats of Helm, Ring, Shoulder and Torso Monster Infrequents
v0.3.8.1 (b31 hotfix 1)
Add option to allow "Move To" to break destructible objects.
Fixed a bug where objects destroyed by pets would not count towards quest progress.
Fixed a bug where pets could not destroy some destructible objects.
Fixed an issue with Thermite Mines not triggering Celestial Powers
Fixed an issue with Mortar Trap and the Pet Attack command allowing it to rapid-fire.
A couple additional unique rare items have been strategically placed around lower crossing and wightmire to promote exploration.
Adjusted attribute damage bonuses down a bit. They are still higher than B30 but we felt we went a little too far and it was contributing too much extra damage to both enemies and players by higher difficulties. We didn't want to drop it much through, so we tried to rebalance further with adjustments to enemy scaling.
Enemy damage and life scaling has been adjusted across all difficulties but with the biggest reductions on elite and ultimate. This should help address the sudden increase to difficulty, felt most keenly by melee builds. This is a quick adjustment and we will continue to gather feedback and playtest to fine tune it.


1. Установить обновление в папку с игрой;
2. Скопировать содержимое папки "CRACK" в папку с игрой;
3. Играть
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